Company Registration & DBD
What do I need to open a bar in Thailand?
Overview of the key legal requirements for opening a new bar in Thailand.
How you can own 100% of your Thai company
Most people believe that foreigners can only own 49% of a Thai company. While this applies in most cases, there are exceptions to the rule.
Common Myths about running a business in Thailand
What stories have you heard about running businesses here? Do you know which are true and which are nonsense?
Thailands Department of Business Development DBD
Learn about the DBD which manages all company registrations in Thailand
Basic Business Laws
Any foreigner setting up a business in Thailand needs to understand the basic business laws of the country. Information below will hopefully help you familiarise yourself with requirements to ensure a successful, legal and correct platform on which to bas
5 Steps to Launching a Thai Company
Thailand is a good destination for investment and business. The country’s party culture has been attributed to the millions of foreigners that visit it every year for vacation. They spend a lot of foreign currency during their time in Thailand. Furthermor
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