Adding a second company to your work permit

Adding a second company to your work permit

When you have a work permit in Thailand you can;

  • Change job role and / or job description on the current work permit
  • Add more employer(s) / company / new work place(s) in your current work permit
  • Add more job role and/or job description in new work place(s)

In case that you wish to add more employer(s) / company(s), bare in mind that;

1) The 2nd company has enough registered capital for 1 more work permit ( 1M THB if you have marriage or child support visa, 2M THB if you have non b visa).

2) The 2nd company must enough Thai staff to support your work permit ( 2 Thai staff if you have marriage or child support visa, 4 if you have non b visa).

3) Your declared salary on the 2nd company’s salary tax and SSI must not less than the minimum wage regarding the foreign’s minimum wages in Thailand by laws.

4) When you have to renew the work permit, you have to renew both companies ( best to renew 30 days in advance before the expiry date).

5) When you have to renew you visa, if its non b visa you have to present both company’s supporting documents. And show personal income tax ( PND 91 ) from both companies.

6) If the 1 st work permit is under special business laws ( BOI, Thai petroleum department or Thailand industrial department) you can only add a 2 nd work permit from a company which has the same special laws ( you can add a 2nd normal Thai company into BOI’s work permit, 2 BOI companies in 1 work permit is ok. 2 normal Thai companies in 1 work permit is ok).


List of required documents in case that you wish to add a 2nd company into your current work permit under common Thai business law ( non BOI).

  1. Request Form Bor Tor 44
  2. Employment certificate (Form from labour department) Bor Tor 46
  3. Copy of educational evidence and evidence of work experience (if unable to present use the form as specified)
  4. Work permit with a copy
  5. In the event that the alien does not submit the application by himself/herself Make a power of attorney affixed with a duty stamp of 10 baht and a copy of the identity card of the employer and the attorney.
  6. Passport

Supporting documents for consideration by type of business/employer

  1. Company
    1. Copy of Thai juristic person registration certificate and a copy of the list of shareholders (not more than 6 months) or a foreign juristic person to submit a copy of the foreign business license Foreigners are issued according to the Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542 with proof of bringing money from foreign countries into spending in Thailand.
    2. Copy of value added tax registration Phor Por 01 indicating the type of business and Phor Por 09 if there is any change
    3. In the event that the director authorised to sign to bind the company is a foreigner, bring a copy of that director's work permit/ and in case the director authorised to sign to bind the company does not work in the country If you are from Thailand and do not have a work permit, you must be certified by a Notary Public and the Thai Embassy. and make a power of attorney for a director or any person to sign on their behalf
    4. In case the employer operates a business that requires permission according to other laws Or must have a letter of permission to operate the business from the relevant government agency, attach relevant evidence such as a factory business license letter, a hotel business license letter, a license from the Food and Drug Administration, a business license. tour guide, license to use the place as a tourist attraction of places where food is sold, etc.
  2. Private Schools/Private Universities
    1. A copy of the letter of appointment of teachers or instructors (persons in charge of teaching), details showing the number of foreign teachers according to the specified form/Private universities have to show a certificate from the agency of the Ministry of Education. by specifying the name of the alien, position and period of time
    2. Teacher professional certificate (according to the law on teachers council and educational personnel), except the position of trainer
    3. Copy of school establishment license , principal teacher license , manager license , various licenses (if any) / copy of university establishment letter and order appointing authorised person of the university
    4. Documents showing qualifications/documents showing results of coursework and documents showing experience as a teacher (if any)
  3. Government agencies
    1. Certification letter from government agencies/state enterprises/public organisations/educational districts and schools (in case of government school teacher) by specifying the name, position and duration.
    2. In the case of government school teachers, they must present their professional licenses (according to the law on the Teachers Council and Educational Personnel), except for the positions of trainers.
  4. Foundations or associations
    1. Certificate of juristic person of the foundation, association, objectives, together with a list of committee members
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