Common Licenses needed by Thai Businesses

If you decide to open a business in Thailand it is important to find out what licenses or permits might be required, which varies depending on what you do.

Below are some of the most common, although this is far from an exhaustive list.

Alcohol Selling License

If you have a bar, restaurant or shop and plan to sell Alcoholic drinks then an Alcohol License is essential.

Applications are made at the Excise Department, part of the Ministry of Finance.

Different licenses apply depending on what you plan to do, eg. Retail sales, Wholesale, or Importing Alcohol. Even transporting alcohol requires a license.

Licenses expire at the end of every year, with renewals accepted from the 1st of October.

Cigarette Selling License

Selling Cigarettes requires a separate license, which is also handled by the Excise Department. The application process is similar to the Alcohol license and often submitted together.

Food License

Various licenses exist for the sale, production, import and storage of food.

Restaurants will apply at the local Municipality, while food production and import will need to apply with the Thai Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) License

Any business providing services for tourists will need to register for a license with the TAT.

This includes hotels, tour guides, dive schools and other tourism aimed activities.

Music License

Any business that plays music on their premises is required to have a music license. 

This applies whether you are playing live music, radio or your own cds/downloaded tracks.

2 Licenses are available, depending whether you will play Thai or International music, with rates varying by size of venue and if you sell alcohol.

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