Countries requiring Yellow Fever vaccination to enter Thailand

Countries requiring Yellow Fever vaccination to enter Thailand

List of countries which require International Health Certificate for Yellow Fever Vaccination

 The Ministry of Public Health has issued regulations that applicants who have travelled from or through the countries which have been declared Yellow Fever Infected Areas must provide an International Health Certificate proving that they have received a Yellow Fever vaccination.

Yellow fever vaccination proof is normally not asked for on visa application or boarding flight. The vaccination certificate is a yellow book most commonly known as yellow card. It is valid for 10 years, all travellers over the age of 9 months need it from at risk countries. Most at risk countries haven’t had an outbreak for decades. 

First place it’s asked for is Port Health Control at Bangkok airport.

Before going to immigration, you need to complete a health questionnaire and show your ‘yellow card’ then you will get a paper certificate and a sticker which you are supposed to wear until you have exited the airport.

You will need to show the paper certificate along with your passport at immigration. 

If you have a passport from one of the countries where the vaccination is required from, you will get asked for it even if you are not travelling from that country. Nationals of countries not on the list, but travelling from one of these countries will also need a certificate.

So, showing the card at immigration is not enough, you need to get your card checked at the port of health, answer their questions and get their certificate. You are told to keep the certificate with you during your time in Thailand. 

The countries below are subject to Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates.

1. Angola
2. Benin
3. Bolivia
4. Brazil
5. Burkina Faso
6. Burundi
7. Cameroon
8. Central African Republic
9. Chad
10. Colombia
11. Congo
12. Congo Republic:
13. Cote d’ Ivore
14. Ecuador
15. Equatorial Guinea
16. Ethiopia
17. French-Guiana
18. Gabon
19. Gambia
20. Ghana
21. Guinea-Bissau
22. Guinea
23. Guyana
24. Kenya
25. Liberia
26. Mali
27. Mauritania
28. Niger
29. Nigeria
30. Panama
31. Peru
32. Rwanda
33. Sao Tome & Principe
34. Senegal
35. Sierra Leone
36. Somalia
37. Sudan
38. Suriname
39. Tanzania
40. Togo
41. Trinidad and Tobago
42. Uganda
43. Venezuela
44. Argentina
45. Paraguay



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