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Understanding 90 day reporting in Thailand
Learn how, when & why you need to complete 90 day reporting
How you can own 100% of your Thai company
Most people believe that foreigners can only own 49% of a Thai company. While this applies in most cases, there are exceptions to the rule.
Common Myths about running a business in Thailand
What stories have you heard about running businesses here? Do you know which are true and which are nonsense?
Strategies to survive an economic downturn
The global economy works in cycles and downturns are inevitable, the only question is when. Are you prepared?
Common Licenses needed by Thai Businesses
Make sure you know what licenses your business is required to obtain so you can operate legally
Work Permit Application Process & Checklist
All you need to know about applying for a Thai Work Permit
Thailands Department of Business Development DBD
Learn about the DBD which manages all company registrations in Thailand
Finding the right Visa for your Stay in Thailand
Our visa selector narrows down your search for the best visa to visit Thailand
VAT in Thailand
Understand the requirements for registering, charging and filing VAT reports.
Understanding Thai Withholding Tax
Withholding tax may not be a familiar concept for foreign business owners but is an important element of business in Thailand.
Personal Income Tax Calculator
Understand Thailands personal income tax & find out what to pay with our easy calculator
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