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Basic Thai labour laws
Thai labour laws provide a legal framework to protect the rights and interests of employees and employers in Thailand.
60-day family visit visa
Thailand offers a Family Visit Visa (also known as the Non-Immigrant O Visa) that allows individuals to visit their family members who are Thai nationals or foreign residents in Thailand.
7 Day extension of stay.
This extension allows individuals to remain in the country for an additional week beyond their original permitted duration of stay.
Thailand's SMART VISA
Attracting Foreign Talents &Technologies
What do I need to open a bar in Thailand?
Overview of the key legal requirements for opening a new bar in Thailand.
Thailand Public Holidays
Thailand ranks high globally for most public holidays, make sure you know when.
Countries requiring Yellow Fever vaccination to enter Thailand
Anyone travelling from these countries are required to have been vaccinated from Yellow Fever
Adding a second company to your work permit
If you have multiple companies or jobs, you can include these on a single work permit.
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